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System Transformation And Rejuvenation

STAR Education delivers an integrated 360 degree solution designed to enhance learning and transform the education system


Welcome to STAR Education, where we believe that a great education starts with a great teacher.

Our philosophy is centred on providing comprehensive training and ongoing support to all educators, recognizing the challenge and importance of their profession.
At STAR Education, we understand that great teachers have the power to positively impact and shape the lives of their students. That is why we have developed a core teacher training philosophy that focuses on the four key skills that we believe are essential to effective teaching.

Our Philosophy Focuses On

These FOUR Critical Teaching Skills

Implementing effective lesson delivery with the help of teacher guides

Monitoring each student’s learning progress

Providing feedback that drives student growth and success

Motivating students to achieve both academic and behavioural excellence

Our teacher training program allows educators to delve deeper into these skills and techniques, and provides them with ample opportunities to put their newfound knowledge into practice

Teacher Guides

At Star Education, we believe in the power of teacher guides. Our guides provide grade-specific lessons that are based on world-class pedagogical research, giving teachers the time and resources they need to focus on teaching rather than planning.

Monitoring Student Progress

We understand the importance of every student receiving individualised attention and feedback from their teacher. That is why we emphasise the need for teachers to check in on each and every student and not just the ones who are typically the most engaged.

Effective feedback

We believe in the impact that real-time feedback can have on student learning and growth. Our training program supports teachers in delivering clear, concise and impactful feedback to their students, including reviewing assignments and interacting with students during class.

Motivating Students

At the heart of our philosophy is the belief in the power of a positive and engaging learning environment. Our training emphasizes the importance of motivating and encouraging students, even when delivering critical feedback. We believe that this approach fosters a love of learning and encourages active participation in the classroom.



Specialised By Grade And Subject

STAR Education prioritises both grade and subject-specific training. This approach ensures that all teachers receive the most effective training to thrive in their classrooms. The national curriculum is always adhered to, and approximately ten percent of induction training is customised to the teacher's assigned grade level. Upper-primary teachers are further divided based on the subject they will be teaching, enabling them to learn the most effective teaching techniques for their work. During practice time, teachers use real teacher guides for the grades and subjects they will be teaching

Effective Use of Technology

STAR Education equips teachers with technology, including computers, to access and teach lessons, track student performance and monitor attendance. Teachers receive ample opportunities to familiarise themselves with the technology during induction training, ensuring its effective use in the classroom.

Real-Time Feedback

During training, trainers monitor the teachers work and provide immediate, clear and direct feedback. . This approach allows teachers to quickly access their understanding of the content and what they need to work on. The trainers also provide feedback to the Learning and Development team, enabling STAR Education and the Ministry of Education to make data-driven decisions on the effectiveness of the training. Once teachers are in the classroom, the feedback process continues to evaluate the success of the training and identify areas for improvement.

Trainer Modelling

Trainers lead by example, integrating the big four teaching skills into their training approach and demonstrating how teachers should respond to students. During training, trainers check on teachers' work, circulate the room, and provide clear feedback, mirroring the same approach in the classroom.

Cultivating a Culture of Professional Development

Every induction training session fosters a supportive, engaging and professional training environment, led by education professionals and regularly evaluated by learning and development coaches.

Opportunities For Practice

The STAR Education training program emphasises hands-on learning, minimising lectures and maximising engagement. Group discussions, independent work and active skill practice form the core of every training session. Teachers also practise delivering lessons from teacher guides and receive feedback from peers and trainers.