Star Education Manipur


What is STAR Manipur?

STAR Manipur, or System Transformation and Rejuvenation of Education in Manipur, is a transformative education program of the Chief Minister of Manipur. The program is focused on improving the quality of government schools in the state, with a particular emphasis on strengthening the teaching workforce and ensuring a radical transformation of teaching and learning in classrooms

How many schools are involved in the programme?

STAR Education Manipur is currently implemented in 361 schools across 16 districts of the State

How many teachers and leaders have been retrained under STAR Education?

Nearly 2,000 government teachers and leaders have been retrained under STAR Education


How will STAR Education improve teaching and learning outcomes in Manipur?

STAR Education aims to improve teaching and learning outcomes by empowering existing government teachers with classroom management techniques based on scientifically proven pedagogical approaches. Additionally, it will leverage technology to gain real-time insights into what is happening in classrooms and schools, and to make data-driven decisions to improve the education system

What is the goal of the STAR Manipur program?

The goal of STAR Manipur is to improve the quality of education in government schools in Manipur by focusing on several key areas.

These include:
– Increasing learning gains for students
– Developing a well-trained teaching workforce
– Reducing teacher absenteeism
– Ensuring that no private teachers are subcontracted by regular government teachers to teach on their behalf in classrooms

What kind of schools do you work with?

STAR Education works with government schools in Manipur.

STAR Teachers are nominated and selected by the government from the schools implementing the program

How does STAR Education differ from other education programs in India?

STAR Education is unique in its focus on empowering existing government teachers through classroom management techniques based on scientifically proven pedagogical approaches, and in its use of technology to enhance teaching and learning. Additionally, STAR Education is the first full-scale government transformation program in India designed to improve learning outcomes.

How does STAR Education involve the community and parents?

STAR Education places great importance on the involvement of the community and parents. The program aims to build a strong partnership between schools, parents, and community leaders to support students in reaching their full potential.

How is STAR Education being evaluated and monitored?

STAR Education is being evaluated and monitored through regular assessments of student learning outcomes, teacher training and professional development, and program implementation.

What are the long-term goals of STAR Education?

The long-term goals of STAR Education are to improve the quality of education throughout Manipur, to empower teachers and leaders, and to improve learning outcomes for students. Ultimately, the goal is to shape the economic prosperity of the state and enable students to become active citizens.