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STAR Education at Education World Forum 2024

July 1, 2024

STAR Education wins the Most Resilient Leadership Team award amongst other New Globe programs

The Education World Forum (EWF), held annually in London, serves as a pivotal gathering for education ministers worldwide to assess their education systems’ efficacy and strategize on enhancing outcomes.

At the 2024 forum, held from May 19-23, representatives from Manipur’s Education Department, including Shri H. Gyan Prakash, Commissioner Education (S), Manipur, and L. Nandakumar Singh, Director of Education (S), Manipur, joined global counterparts to discuss pressing issues under the theme “Encouraging AI understanding, Building human relationships and resilience, and accelerating climate action”.

The forum, which brought together education and skills ministers from 124 countries, focused on prioritising policies and implementing strategies for achieving stronger, bolder and better global education.

Dr. Shannon May, President of New Globe with Shri H. Gyan Prakash, Commissioner Education (S), Manipur

STAR Education received the prestigious “Most Resilient Leadership Team” award, presented by Dr. Shannon May, President of NewGlobe, in acknowledgment of its innovative approaches and significant contributions in the face of challenging circumstances in the state of Manipur.


The forum provided a critical platform for STAR Education to showcase its program and share insights with peers facing similar educational challenges worldwide.

Gillian Keegan, Hon. Secretary for Education UK ,Shri H. Gyan Prakash, Commissioner Education (S) , Manipur and L. Nandakumar Singh, Director of Education (S) , Manipur with Sujatha Muthayya, Vice President, Policy and Partnerships at NewGlobe , Sonny Chungkham, Director, Policy and Partnerships, STAR Education along with other delegates


Forums like EWF offer invaluable opportunities to exchange ideas, explore best practices, and foster international collaboration. Moving forward, STAR Education remains dedicated to pioneering new pathways for educational innovation and equity, aiming to empower future generations with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

Dr Shannon May, President, NewGlobe; Jay Kimmelman, CEO, NewGlobe; Timothy Sullivan, Chief Academic Officer, New Globe; Isfundiar Kasuri, Executive Director, New Globe; Jules Ntabwoba, Director P&P, Rwanda; Ben Cockerell, Vice President, Marketing, New Globe; Ifeyinwa Ugochukwu, Vice President, New Globe; Kunbi Wuraola – Director, Policy and Partnerships, Nigeria and others.